"Why am I bothering?"

Maja's a 19-year-old environmental advocate from Sweden. She’s into sports, particularly orienteering, and also enjoys watching an episode or two of Sherlock. She transitioned from meat-eater to vegan, within a month, when she was just 16.

We met Maja in Australia. (She was volunteering at an animal sanctuary, because that't the kind of thing she just does).

Vegan for the planet

Maja plans to study environmental science. And it’s quickly obvious that her passion for the environment was key to her decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

“Before I became vegan, I just didn’t know enough,” Maja begins.

“I knew eating meat was bad for the environment, but I didn’t know how bad.”

“Then I watched Cowspiracy and it helped me see the impact eating meat has on the planet, in comparison to being vegan.”

“It was new knowledge that I really needed.”

“After the film, vegan was always the goal,” she says.

After watching Cowspiracy, Maja became vegan within four weeks, even though she had been eating meat until then.

Becoming a teenage vegan

“For around a month, I was eating vegetarian food at school but not at home.”

“And then I just decided no. I want to go vegan full-time.”

“I was iron deficient before becoming vegan, so my parents wanted me to continue eating meat. But I didn’t want to do that.”

“I supplement iron, so that’s not an issue for me.”

“Now my parents can see I’m healthy and happy, so they support my decision. I guess they were just worried I wouldn’t get enough iron and protein because they didn’t have enough knowledge.”

Thoughts of "relapse"

“At first, I was really motivated as a vegan.”

“But it’s been a while now and I find that sometimes if I'm not around other vegans for a while it starts to fade a bit.”

“Not in terms that I start eating non-vegan food, but that I might lean towards thoughts like:

Why am I bothering?

Is it really worth it?

‘Is it really that important’?.”

“When I find myself losing focus, I watch a vegan movie or read something. Then I’m back in.”
You could say, Maja's the kind of person who throws themselves into things ...

“Do it at your own pace,” says Maja.

She believes you need to be compassionate with yourself, when transitioning to a vegan diet.

I think, for a lot of people, it’s hard to switch overnight from eating meat to vegan. It can be hard to know what to eat.”

“So next time you're in the supermarket, try almond milk or another vegan product. Find out what you like and make a slow transition. Don’t feel you have to overhaul everything at once.”

Maja’s easy vegan Oreo truffle recipe

This is going to blow your mind. (And your taste buds.)

“I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cooking,” says Maja. “But I love these as they're so easy. And so good!”

Thanks Maja!


  • 3 packets Oreos

  • 150g vegan cream cheese

  • 1 bar vegan chocolate

  • 1 handful coconut shavings (optional)


  1. Blend the Oreos and the vegan cream cheese together. Roll the mixture into balls then put them in the fridge to set.

  2. Melt the chocolate and use it to cover the balls.

  3. Sprinkle coconut flakes on top of the balls and leave it to set in the fridge.

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