9 things you need to know about vegan parenting

Katy is in the middle of her second vegan pregnancy. She has a vegan daughter and husband and also runs learnervegan.com. Her second child is due in October 2019.

These are Katy’s tips on how you can prepare for vegan pregnancy. She covers key topics from people considering being a vegan parent and their loved ones.

“I've been vegan for 6 years now. It hasn't been what I expected at all. I eat great food, have good health, and amazing vegan friends around me. I went vegan for my conscience and morals. Without being vegan, they weren’t all aligned.”

Why Katy went vegan.

“Generally speaking, it was a dream last time and it's been a dream so far this time too.”

Is vegan pregnancy safe?

“If you eat a good, healthy, plant-based diet you're going to get everything you need. I haven't had any problems with nutrition through either of my pregnancies.”

“My blood tests have always come back really, really positive.”

“I know a lot of people who have been through brilliant vegan pregnancies. That speaks for itself.”

Vegan pregnancy nutrition

“The main thing is to make sure you get a good vegan pregnancy vitamin. For instance, you're not supposed to have too much vitamin A when you're pregnant, as it can be damaging for the baby. Getting a specific pregnancy vitamin can be important.”

What to eat during vegan pregnancy

“I think being pregnant as a vegan is easier than being pregnant as a non-vegan.”

“A lot of the foods you need to avoid when you're pregnant you don't have to worry about as a vegan. (Like certain cheeses, undercooked eggs, and shellfish.) A lot of it is out of the equation. You can (more or less) carry on eating what you want to.”

“If you're vegan before you're pregnant you know what to eat, you know what to expect.”

Vegan pregnancy and breastfeeding

“When you're breastfeeding, you need to take in more nutrients. Plant-based foods digest quickly, so you may find you need to eat more often and eat a bit more. It can take some getting used to.”

“When I became vegetarian it was the first time in my life I had to stand up for myself. I had to say: I'm not going to do what someone else thinks I should do. It was a pivotal moment as a 12-year-old. It was almost part of growing up.”

Vegan children’s books

“I find it helpful to have vegan children's books so you can explain to them what veganism is. Why we’re a bit different to people without having to go into the graphic details.”

“If you're not good at finding the words to explain it to a child. They can help you teach your child about where food comes from and why we eat more vegetables, grains, etc ... They're useful to have in the house to give a good grounding when kids are young.”

Katy recommends I'm a supervegan and Kiss or cook?. You'll find her reviews on learnervegan.com.

Criticism during pregnancy as a vegan parent

“You need to do your own research and stand your ground. If you're not having problems and your blood tests are coming back great then there's not a lot anyone can say.”

“Some people are accepting of that fact we raise our child as a vegan.”

“But some people have more old-fashioned views. They think she's not going to get good nutrition. That she should be able to make her own choice. That we should be bringing her up in the normal way for society and let her do it herself when she's older.”

Vegan parenting community

“Get to know other mums who are vegan (whether that's at nursery, school or online). People close to you can make you start questioning if you're doing the right thing.”

“It's good to have people to remind you you're doing something positive - even if it's not what most of society does.”

“My girl loves being in the kitchen. She helps me cook dinner most nights. She's four. She can put things in pans and she's good with food. She loves growing things and nature. She looks after animals rather than thinking of them as a resource.”

Vegan nutrition in pregnancy and childhood

“My girl is healthy. She's bright. She has a good idea about where food comes from and what she should and shouldn't be eating.”

“She loves fruit and she loves eating things like tofu and hummus. Getting good nutrients into her body.”

“A lot of children who aren't vegans don't have as good a diet as her, they will eat more processed food. Being vegan can be healthy, you can eat junk food but you can eat healthily too.”

“How she is, speaks for itself.”

Consider your mindset

“If I was to give someone one piece of advice about going vegan it would be about mindset. That's something we don't talk about a lot.”

“Mindset is a key thing to keep people vegan in the long-term.”

“We have these negative and limiting beliefs about going vegan. They stop us from going vegan. It's important for people to try and look into those and question if they're true. Is veganism really expensive? Will I really not get enough nutrition?”

“Try and turn it around. Try and think of it as a positive opportunity. I've seen people do that and it’s helped them to go and stay vegan.”

“When I was a vegetarian, I had misconceptions about veganism. About it being impossible to buy food. I thought it would be time-intensive. That you have to grow your own food. That you'd never be able to go to restaurants.”

“It seemed like: this is going to be so difficult, I could never do that. And I don't see the point. Animals produce milk and eggs and so we're not killing them so it's not a problem. I didn't know the facts.

“I thought by being vegetarian I was doing enough. That was my view before I became more educated on the subject.”

“I enjoy being vegan. It hasn't been anything I thought it would be like as a teenager or in my early 20s. It's been a joy.”

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