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Why do people go vegan?

What advice do you have for new vegans?

What do vegans eat?

What would you say about the idea that vegans are extreme?

Why do people go vegan?


Brisbane, Australia

"Look at it from the animal‘s perspective: Eating him means he has to die."

"Drinking the milk means that she has to lose the baby and dying a premature death after some suffering."

"Yeah, think about who - not what."


North Yorkshire, England

“I watched a documentary called Earthlings. It really just blew me away. I'd had 20 years of cognitive difference. It was mind-blowing to see animals being treated that way.”



“Before I became vegan, I just didn’t know enough. I knew eating meat was bad for the environment, but I didn’t know how bad.”


Kansas City, Missouri, USA

"I became vegan when my mom was diagnosed with cancer; I wanted to give her every chance to fight it. I couldn't ask her to do it if I was still eating meat."

"After a few times of falling off the wagon (I was raised in a meat and potatoes house) I wanted to give myself some extra motivation so I looked into slaughterhouse and livestock animal treatment."

"At that point, there was no going back. You can't unsee those things. That continues to propel me forward and I keep fighting against those practices."


What advice do you have for new vegans?


Cornwall, England

"Get clued up on the common everyday practices that go on behind closed doors."

"Prepare yourself with groceries and recipes that are tasty and satisfying."

"Join a friendly group online and ally yourself with other vegans that can support you on your journey."

"We all make mistakes but the most important thing is your ongoing intent to ‘do less harm’. Once you have this belief in your mind, then your actions can flow easily from it."


Northwest England

"I think the most important thing to remember is not to be too hard on yourself, for some people change is gradual for others it is overnight."


"There are many places to get information nowadays and vegan festivals are a great way to try new things and get ideas." 


"Being vegan, if you do it right, isn't expensive or complicated."


Maryland, USA

“I tell everyone: ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t beat yourself up. Take it one day at a time. And really truly allow food to be your medicine and not your poison. Because it could be either or.’”


What do vegans eat?


Port au Prince, Haiti

"Don't think that being vegan is only eating fruits and veggies because it's not. It’s carbs, bread, pasta, sweets and everything else!"


"I pretty much eat everything, from pizza to vegan lasagna, to grilled vegan cheese sandwiches."



“We just eat plant-based versions of those same foods; pizza, ice cream, fish n chips, tacos, Fried chicken, Korean, sushi, curries … ”

“We can eat as healthily or as unhealthily as we choose.”

“My current favourite recipe to cook at home is a chickpea curry from BOSH.TV. It’s one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever cooked and also one of the most delicious!”



"I've found a great replacement for everything. Everything that I liked beforehand. I still enjoy the same things as before, just with a few replacements.”


“I really really liked cheese. But it’s really weird now. If I smell cheese, it smells horrible.”


“I do all my own cooking from scratch. And when people see what I'm eating they're like: 'Oh that smells nice, what have you got there?'”


What would you say about the idea that vegans are extreme?

United States

"Yes! Vegans are:
Extremely healthy: best way to avoid chronic disease
Extremely kind: eating plants minimizes suffering
Extremely green: key way to reduce environmental impact
Extremely well-fed: vegan food is delicious!"



““You know what's extreme? It’s extreme to slaughter animals. That’s extreme. And it’s not extreme to eat a lot of peas. To eat a lot of spinach. That makes you happy. You know, to eat good foods. To eat colourful foods. Like there's nothing extreme about that.”



"Eating dead bodies is extreme, impregnating a cow, shooting killing its baby and stealing its milk is extreme, grinding up day-old chicks bc they're male and therefore not profitable is extreme. We're just trying to live as peacefully as we can. Peace is never extreme."


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